Why people are demanding more anti-glare lenses

Why the market demand for anti-glare lenses is growing

We are all affected by glare in our daily life. The glare of the sun when driving makes us unable to keep our eyes open. The excessively bright lights when driving at night make us invisible to the road. These are examples of glare pollution.

Glare pollution

 Glare pollution

Glare pollution not only affects our normal lives, but also has irreversible damage to the body, especially vision. To put it simply, glare is the discomfort caused by the adaptable lighting in the field of vision of our eyes. On the other hand, the strong contrast of brightness in the field of vision makes people feel uncomfortable, such as glare, dizziness, etc., is glare. The direct effect of glare is that our eyes feel uncomfortable and the eyes are more prone to fatigue. Therefore, many anti-glare products have come out, and anti-glare lenses are one of them.

working principle

anti-glare lenses working principle

Specifically, the anti-glare lenses is a new type of intelligent vehicle anti-glare product. It uses lenses imported from Japan and is a perfect combination of sunglasses and night vision goggles. It can filter according to sunlight, car lights and various strong lights. Enhance light and block the harmful light pollution to the eyeball, so as to achieve different anti-glare levels, solve the anti-glare problem of “filter does not block light”; it is a new generation of driver-specific mirrors, with comfortable and clear eyes, which can effectively eliminate various This kind of strong light, stray light and ultraviolet rays can stimulate the vision, eliminate the “snow blindness” on the road surface, prevent dazzling and reduce eye fatigue; it can reduce the glare of the other party’s glare to a soft and comfortable level when meeting at night. Effectively guarantee the safety of driving under strong light.

Material characteristics

anti-glare lenses

1) Special anti-glare function, strong light blocking rate is about 72.5% -80%.

2) The center wavelength is 585, and the definition is more than 2 times that of traditional lenses.

3) Ultraviolet resistance: 97.4% isolated (315nm-380nm) ultraviolet light.

4) Anti-fatigue: Eliminate eye fatigue caused by harmful light.

5) Impact resistance: 10 times stronger than ordinary safety resin lenses and 60 times stronger than glass lenses, effectively solving the problem of poor impact resistance of traditional driver’s mirror lenses.

Notes for use:

1) Do not touch the anti-glare lenses sheet with your hands, so as not to leave fingerprints and obstruct your vision;
2) During installation, gently push the edge of the anti-glare sheet by hand;
3) When there is a lot of dust, use a soft brush to gently sweep it off, or blow it off with a blower;
4) Do not wipe with coarse or dirty cloth. The product has a flannel for cleaning.

Cleaning method

anti-glare lenses cleaning method

Cleaning your antiglare lenses is easy! Always start with warm water or a cleaner specifically designed for lenses. Don’t ever use window cleaner, soap, or other harsh chemicals as they can damage the lens. Always use a soft, microfiber cloth to dry. Then polish lenses with the provided polishing cloth or peep. Never use facial tissue or paper towel as these materials can scratch your lenses.

It is precisely because the “anti-glare lenses” can replace goggle or sunglasses, and has a good anti-glare filtering effect. It can effectively filter sunlight, road surface reflection, body reflection and other cluttered light. At the same time, it can eliminate ultraviolet rays and various strong lights. Harmful light; soft and comfortable visual environment, protecting vision health. That’s why anti-glare lenses are increasingly needed.If you have other opinions on anti-glare lenses, please leave a comment below

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