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Recommended 5 most practical Zenni sports glasses

It is very important to choose suitable sports glasses for outdoor sports. In order to better protect the eyes, it is recommended that sports enthusiasts choose sports glasses in conjunction with sports.Here are the 5 most practical sunglasses from Zenni

No.1 Red half frame – Zenni sports glasses 707818

Zenni sports glasses 707818

These sport sunglasses are great for winter or summer sports. The mirrored, pure polycarbonate, anti-scratch windshield will protect the single-vision prescription lens behind it – and keep the wind out of your eyes.

No.2 Translucent Plastic – Zenni sports glasses 702023

Zenni sports glasses 702023

These sport glasses have side shields which make them good for any activity that requires an additional measure of protection. The clear, outer windshield covers the removable prescription lenses inside. The nose pads and temple arms are black.

No.3 Half-frame wrapped – Zenni sports glasses 707121

Zenni sports glasses 707121

These durable, half-farm, polycarbonate wrap-around sports sunglasses are great for biking and other outdoor adventures. The anti-scratch outer shield protects the clear and detachable prescription lenses underneath. The rubber nose pad and polycarbonate temple arms with rubber tips provide a comfortable and secure fit.

No.4 Wrap-around – Zenni sports sunglasses 701521

Zenni sports sunglasses 701521

These wrap-around sports sunglasses are suitable for many outdoor activities. The outer, tinted wind shield protects the inner, removable prescription lenses. The sturdy frame has a molded bridge and temple arms to make sure they stay put.

No.5 Rectangle Full frame –  Zenni sports glasses 292912

Zenni sports glasses 292912

These sports glasses are made with flexible, lightweight TR90 plastic. Available in gray, the wide frame features two-toned, sculptured temple arms. The flexible saddle nose pad provides a great fit, even on low nose bridges

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