Polarised night sight glasses

Polarised night sight glasses are not as useful as you think

Polarised night sight glasses use diamond high-reflective reflective film technology. This technology can improve driving at night, compensate the light required for driving, let the light fully enter the eye, make the sight clearer, and avoid the glare of the lights. At the same time, it can also increase the color saturation and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the object.

Polarised night sight glasses

This kind of polarised night sight glasses with significantly increased clarity and line of sight are all made up of electronic components, which are mainly divided into two forms of infrared and low light. It can reduce the light to the intensity of a small light bulb when it is near the low beam, and it can reduce the effect of the low beam when it is a high beam.

The field of vision is very important when driving, but sometimes it is affected by strong reflected light and water surface phosphorescence. As a result, the driver cannot see the road ahead for a while. It is very easy to be dangerous, especially the high-beam light at night is even more frightening. Therefore, some drivers choose to bring Polarised night sight glasses. It does have certain advantages, but it also has many disadvantages. Let us take a look at the disadvantages of drivers with night vision goggles.

Polarised night sight glasses

Although the polarised night sight glasses can make the driver see more clearly at night, but its shortcomings are also very obvious. It reduces the intensity of the incoming light while reducing the reflection on the opposite side, which causes some things that can be seen can not be seen Therefore, polarised night sight glasses are not suitable at all times.

It is worth noting: we need to judge according to the actual situation, polarised night sight glasses can prevent the car lights from dazzling, and add color saturation to make the field of vision clearer and clearer. The color and film added to the lens can greatly increase the brightness of the object seen, compensate the light required for driving, and allow the light to fully enter the eyeball. However, if the light itself is weak, it can sometimes be difficult to see.

Polarised night sight glasses

Brown polarised night sight glasses can filter out most of the ultraviolet rays, although it can make the eyes feel relaxed, but it is also easy to make people feel sleepy. Wearing green polarised night sight glasses will directly change the red light to black, affecting our judgment of traffic lights, and there is a great potential safety hazard. The low light transmission of gray sunglasses will weaken our sight and affect our observation of road conditions.

For the safety of yourself and others, do not blindly wear polarised night sight glasses while driving at night. If you have other opinions on polarised night sight glasses , please leave a comment below.

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