Children's Amblyopia Glasses

Four Precautions When Wearing Children’s Amblyopia Glasses

Amblyopia is an eye disease that seriously affects the quality of vision. According to the survey, its prevalence in children is 2-4%. Amblyopia seriously affects the healthy growth of children. Not only can the low vision cannot be corrected, but also the lack of binocular fusion and stereo vision.So we need to wear a pair of good glasses all the time, because wearing glasses is a treatment in itself.So we should pay attention to how to treat amblyopia

Usually wearing glasses correction is the first step in the treatment of amblyopia, but amblyopia optics is not as simple as many parents imagine, you must go to a professional eye hospital for glasses. For different amblyopia, the rules of optics are different. Let’s take a brief look:

Precautions One: Undergo Mydriatic Optometry

Children's Amblyopia Glasses

Be sure to go through mydriatic optometry when you are matching the glasses. When choosing glasses at the optician, choose the appropriate frame according to different pupil distances. After the glasses are fitted, it is best to go to the hospital with an instrument to check whether the power of the glasses is consistent with the prescription of the glasses.

Precautions Two: Keep on Wearing

Children's Amblyopia Glasses

After wearing the glasses, you must wear them without interruption. The vision of first-time treatment of amblyopia glasses does not improve much, and even some people’s vision decreases after wearing glasses, especially for middle-high distance hyperopia glasses. These are normal conditions. Wearing glasses requires a period of adaptation. As long as you wear glasses, your vision will gradually improve.

Precautions Three:Regular Optometry

Children's Amblyopia Glasses

Re-mydriatic refraction regularly and adjust the power. Amblyopia children are in the developmental stage, and the refractive power of both eyes changes with age, so you can’t wear a pair of glasses without changing. Generally, children under 3 years of age have dilated pupils and re-optometry, and children over 4 years of age have dilated pupils and re-optometry every half year. Each time they decide whether to change lenses again based on the changes in diopter and the correction of amblyopia and strabismus.

Precautions Four: Have Regular Eye Examinations

Children's Amblyopia Glasses

Parents should establish the consciousness of taking their children for regular eye examinations. Once they find that their children’s eyes have problems, such as pediatric eyes staring, eyes can’t follow the target, nystagmus, etc., they should immediately go to the hospital for an eye doctor to check.

The eye is one of the most compact organs in the human body. The health of the eyesight will also affect children in all aspects of their future learning and life. Therefore, if you find that your child has amblyopia, you must take your child to a professional ophthalmic institution for optometry, And follow the doctor’s treatment training.

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