Anti Fatigue Gaming Glasses

Anti Fatigue Gaming Glasses Exactly What We Need

In our generation, the world has embraced the internet; social media, streaming, gaming, etc. Everywhere you look, there are screens. A lot of us spend a significant portion of our day on the computer or other monitors. Whether you’re at work or a hardcore gamer, computer monitors are probably straining your eyes. Luckily, there is a simple solution you can buy a pair of anti fatigue gaming glasses.


As the name implies, anti fatigue gaming glasses are glasses that are intended for those who play games online and offline. Gaming glasses are used for various reasons; among these are:

  • To help reduce blue light glare and strain. When you are staring at a TV, computer, tablet, or other device for too long, this emits blue light. This causes strain and can impair vision. Anti-fatigue gaming glasses help reduce this.
  • They help improve clarity, reduce glare, and provide a lighter hue (yellow tint) which will help you see colors vividly and clearly.
  • Gaming glasses will help you keep up with fast paced games, help reduce blur or glare, and help provide enhanced definition for all games you love playing.
    Just as sunglasses are intended to help reduce harmful UV rays and reduce the damage rays do to your eyes, anti fatigue gaming is intended to help reduce the blue light, and vision impairment you would suffer from, if you would stare at a computer or TV screen for several hours a day, without having such protections.



You might be wondering why you even need to wear a pair of anti fatigue gaming glasses when engaging in online or offline play. Well, the simple fact that you are sometimes going hours on end, straining your eyes, and staring at the screen intently during max competition, is reason enough to consider a pair of anti fatigue gaming glasses. Some of the benefits of choosing our gaming glasses include:

  • They provide you more ability to see the screen, and minimize the strain placed on your eyes by reducing clarity and glare.
  • With enhanced vision and improved clarity, you don’t have to worry about blurriness or other issues like clouding during play.
  • You can play longer without placing as much strain on your vision.

Anti fatigue gaming glasses are designed to help reduce the blue light which bounces back offer your screen (TV, computer, or other devices), which causes a significant level of strain on your eyes and vision during play. In addition to blocking out harmful blue light, the anti fatigue gaming glasses will also help improve color contrast so you don’t strain your eyes as much trying to differentiate colors (shades, tones, hues of color, etc).


Your eyes are likely your most treasured sense. Take action in preventing fatigue and poor vision, now and in your future. Gaming glasses will not only optimize your experience in front of the monitor, but they can assist in keeping your eyes healthy for the duration of your life. So Choose lens according to your needs.


Amber: Best enhancement of contrast and visual performance while minimizing screen glare and diminishing the harshest parts of the color spectrum. This lens filters 65% of harmful high-intensity blue light from your screens.

Liquet: The in-between solution for those who need a balanced color spectrum as well as protection from artificial blue light. This lens blocks 35% of harmful high-intensity blue light from your screens.

Crystalline: Designed specifically for graphic designers, video/film editors, and creative visual artists who require an equally balanced color spectrum. This lens filters 10% of harmful high-intensity blue light from your screens.

Anti fatigue gaming glasses provide players with vision improvement during game play. They will help reduce the amount of strain which your eyes suffer from during game play. And, the glasses are going to help reduce issues with impaired vision as you get older. Especially for those who are intense gamers, who play for many hours a day, or play in many competitions, the strain your eyes are suffering from, can affect you in the future as well. Protect your eyes now and for the future.

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