How to Quick New Glasses Adjustment

5 Tips Teach You How to Quick New Glasses Adjustment

For many people getting used to a new pair of glasses is not always easy. Sometimes adjusting to a new prescription, or even different frames, can take a little time. However, if the eyeglasses fit well and the change in prescription isn’t significant, most people adjust to their new glasses within a few days.Think of this adjustment period like a new pair of jeans or shoes, it takes a while to get used to the fit. Below is a quick new glasses adjustment “How To.”

1.Wear glasses consistently

You may be tempted to take your glasses off, and if you are new to wearing glasses, you may forget to put them on. If you need reading glasses in certain situations, be sure to keep your glasses near or on your person, so you can put them on and get used to them. If you need corrected vision all the time, be sure to wear your glasses every day.

2.Adjust the glasses for a better fit

Adjust the glasses for a better fit
Adjust the glasses for a better fit

To ensure that you are looking through the optical center of the lens, adjust the temple arm tips for a more snug fit to keep the glasses from sliding down their nose. Prescription lenses have an optical center matching their pupillary distance (so the optical center aligns with their pupil), so if the glasses are sliding down on their nose the you may not be looking through the optical center of the lens.

3. Don’t wear old glasses anymore

Although, your old glasses might be super fun, try not to wear them if they still have your previous prescription, it will only make adjusting more difficult. Don’t wear your old glasses anymore, so you can more easily get used to the fit and prescription of your new glasses.

4. Keep your glasses clean

Keep your glasses clean

Dirty lenses can lead to fuzziness, halos around lights, or spots in your vision that were not there before. Many glasses now come with special microfiber cloths that clean your glasses without scratching the lens, so be sure to use these softer cloths to clean your glasses. Keep your glasses clean, and protect your eyeglasses by storing them in the case overnight. Bent frames or scratched lenses will make the adjustment period more challenging.

5.Adapting to New Lens Material

Adapting to New Lens Material
Adapting to New Lens Material

You may also need time to adapt to lens materials that may differ from your standard clear lenses. New lenses such as polarized, photochromic, or blue blocker lens technology could take just a hint of time to get used to. Polarized lenses will enhance contrast and reduce glare but can also distort your view of digital screens. With photochromic lenses you might notice less discomfort with outside light, especially if you add reflective. The adjustment period will be minimal, but you may find yourself surprised the first couple of times your lenses automatically darken. The adjustment to blue blocker glasses could be more of a positive adjustment with your eyes feeling less tired and dry when you start wearing.

In general, wearing glasses should be comfortable, and adaptation to new lenses should not take long. If discomfort, blurry vision, headaches or dizziness continue for more than two weeks, see your optometrist.


  1. I know this article is aimed at previous glasses wearers, but I’m a first time wearer, and while my vision is much clearer than without glasses, the ground looks kind of “slanted”. For some reason, it is worse when I am outdoors. Today, at work I was wearing them, and while the ground was slanted for about the first 10 minutes, it was not after that time period.
    I am not having any headaches or other problems, if anything, I’m getting that less than I did when not wearing glasses.
    How long do you think it’ll take me to adjust?
    Just an FYI, my glasses are primarily for astigmatism.

    1. I appreciate your comments about how long it should typically be before your eyes adjust to new glasses and how you should wear them continuously until they do, even though it seems like you want to give your eyes a break. My daughter probably needs glasses, so we need to find an optician to take her to, and I will try to help her adjust in her first couple of days that she wears them. I will have to remind her that taking them off will just make the symptoms of her eyes adjusting last longer.

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